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"Spaceship Earth is an album created by a musical perfectionist for music perfectionists. It won’t be pushing for a #1 Christmas chart position but it is certainly worth checking out. The most appropriate time would be with a glass of wine or something you rolled up to help you prepare for lift off.


" David Bentley -

concerts: 2020 (corona virus.....)

28.marsMusikkstuen Påfyll - 2019

29.mai Tou scene 2019

4.okt Voss gamle kino (foajeen)

5.okt Dyvekes vinkjeller -  Bergen

6.okt Martinique (Stavanger)

23.april herr Nilsen Oslo!

Vi takker kulturrådet for turnestøtte 2018-2019

Out on Vinyl And CD

Rune Mandelid is a guitarist,composer and singer-songwriter based out of Sandnes, Norway. Now with the album Spaceship Earth hot of the press!

        Performing Solo acoustic guitar concerts, exploring his voice and singer-songwriting skills in his Rune Mandelid Orchestra and diving into more advanced jazz composition with singer Kari Nergaard Bleivik in his project Sonic Stories.

Next concerts 4-6 oktober :

The album Spaceship earth has been my obsession for 5 years now. It started with a strong desire to combine my acoustic guitar concerts with vocals, but then I decided to go bigger. I love the sound of stringquartets so I started writing down the tunes and experimenting with stringquartet arrangements. One of the first tunes I composed was "If I could" and I thought that turned out pretty nice with that dark sounding string vibe, so I decided to go for that sound. As a control-freak and composer I like the old-school way of making music by making scores. However, the best thing is that it usually ends up as so much more than dots on a paper with great musicians. I am lucky enough to have som amazing musicians and people with me on this project:

Ståle Birkeland-drums

John Lilja - Bass


Victoria Sørlie Folkedal-violin

Ellen-Martine Gismervik-Cello

Zane kalnina-Viola

Hanna Nicoline Moland-Viola

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